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Youth Photo Album

Our Youth Album contains pictures from activities at the church and other church-related functions. Each picture will open up to full size.  More pictures are coming soon, so keep checking.  All pictures are best viewed at a monitor resolution of 800 x 600 or higher, with greater than 256 colors. 

../images/photos/general/x_95cnfrmgrp.jpg (54122 bytes)
../images/photos/1999/11_99cnfrmgrp04.jpg (19124 bytes)
../images/photos/1999/11_99cnfrmgrp01.jpg (50857 bytes)
../images/photos/2000/7_00famret002.jpg (27504 bytes) ../images/photos/general/sarigals.jpg (58707 bytes)  
The first confirmation back in 1995
Julie getting a photo-op with some of the new confirmed members, Nov 1999
All the newly confirmed members, Nov 1999
At the Family Retreat in July '00 Dressed to impress  
../images/photos/2000/8_00conf006.jpg (74033 bytes)
../images/photos/2000/8_00conf007.jpg (61808 bytes)
../images/photos/2000/8_00conf008.jpg (52402 bytes)
../images/photos/2000/8_00conf002.jpg (54024 bytes) ../images/photos/2000/8_00conf014.jpg (57413 bytes)  
Miniature golf professionals.  Please stand back!
Julie and her mini-golf team.  Bring it on!
Another successful inter-church activity 
It's Pigeon Forge.  Can we get the party started? Sonia, Sunil, Feby, and Abey saying goodbye  
../images/photos/2000/8_00conf012.jpg (45667 bytes)
../images/photos/2000/8_00conf010.jpg (88807 bytes)
../images/photos/2000/8_00conf_Abey.jpg (209944 bytes) ../images/photos/2000/8_00conf_group.jpg (214292 bytes)
../images/photos/2000/12_00Carol08.jpg (46925 bytes)
../images/photos/2000/12_00Carol09.jpg (27962 bytes)
Feby is way too popular
Last picture before leaving good old Pigeon Forge, TN
Abey (striking a pose like a school boy at '00 conference)
Group Shot
"Hey Leju, is it laundry day?" [2000 Christmas Carol Service]
"Sanju, what did the police ask you to do next?" [2000 Christmas Carol Service]


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