Aftermath: Pictures from the Talent Show


This is the first batch of pictures from the show.  We would love to have as many pictures as we can posted for all to share and enjoy.  If you have pictures from the show, please contact the Administrator so we can have them added.  Pictures can be scanned in and sent via email.  If this is not possible, please write us and we can scan them in for you.

Descriptions have been added where possible.  If the names or other info provided are inaccurate, please write us and let us know.

Pictures During The Show

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Rev. Jacob Chacko Rev. Thomas Ninan giving the address A play performed by Emmanuel CSI youth 
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Presenters Ann Mathew and Deepthi Kurian, CSI Congregation of Hudson Valley Hudson Valley play (Justin Cherian, Manju Sebastian, Feby Philip) Hudson Valley play (Justin Cherian, Ajo Cherian)
11_00apd07.jpg (51481 bytes) 11_00apd08.jpg (50984 bytes) 11_00apd09.jpg (44481 bytes)
Hudson Valley play (Abey Mathew, Manju Sebastian, ) Hudson Valley play finale Sabu, CSI Christ Church, Philadelphia
11_00apd10.jpg (60685 bytes) 11_00apd11.jpg (52677 bytes) 11_00apd12.jpg (64251 bytes)
CSI Christ Church, Rockland youth fellowship group song St. Paul's & Resurrection group song (Namita David, Pradeep Varghese, Pratheesh Daniel, Sheryline Ingersoll) Presenters Betsey Varkey and Feby Philip, CSI Congregation of Hudson Valley
11_00apd21.jpg (49031 bytes) 11_00apd13.jpg (58633 bytes) 11_00apd18.jpg (49140 bytes)
Hudson Valley play CSI Malayalam Congregation of Greater NY youth fellowship group song CSI Jubilee Memorial Church youth fellowship group song
step.jpg (40503 bytes) cutebeena.jpg (15507 bytes) 11_00apd14.jpg (42698 bytes)
Step Dance, St. Paul's & Resurrection Anna George, fashion show coordinator Fashion Show (Joel Ipe, Sheena Joseph, Julie Ipe)
11_00apd16.jpg (50113 bytes) 11_00apd15.jpg (64014 bytes) 11_00apd19.jpg (55788 bytes)
Fashion Show (Justin Cherian, Manju Sebastian, Joel Ipe) Fashion Show (Julie Ipe, Manju Sebastian) Fashion Show (Jeffrey Eapen, Namita David, Pravin)
11_00apd20.jpg (44313 bytes) 11_00apd17.jpg (65834 bytes)
Fashion Show (Layla Thumby, Maya Sebastian) Fashion Show (Sunil John, Asha John) 

Group Shots

ajo_sandhya.jpg (38052 bytes)

group.jpg (160070 bytes)

sunil_asha.jpg (33785 bytes)

Ajo Cherian, Sandya Philip Namita David, Anup Thomas, Sunil John, Sheryline Ingersoll, Pradeep Varghese, Anna George, Sandhya Philip Group shots (Sunil John, Asha John) [no relation]

ladies.jpg (34411 bytes)

Sandhya Philip, Anna George, Sheryline Ingersoll


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India Post
Nov 24th 2000
Malayalam Pathram
Nov 29th, 2000


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